Personal Examples

Each of these projects were completed personally during the development and refinement of the framework process. They were performed at a number of different scales to determine different design strategies and orders might be used in the framework.

Conceptual Drawings

Works that were done to test the method of the framework and its initial beginnings.

Tower + Tunnel

Pedestrian Walkway


Full Scale Projects using the Framework

These projects are currently under development or designed for the Research and Demonstration Facility operated by Virginia Tech.

Solar Garage

RDF Wall Project (Solar Lounge)



Projects Used to Improve the developed Vegetated Assembly and Color Theory Framework

Solar Garage: Living Building Challenge

Pallet Deck and Planter

Mountain Cabin Renovation: Mountain Lake Biological Station

Prototyping a Section

False Color Frank Lloyd Wright Study


Other Framework inspired and Guided Works

Associated work and other drawings that led to the development of the framework.

Ranger Station

Smartphone Holders