Table of Contents

Everything in the site and where to find it. A list of all of the content is below with links to each page.


Beginning the Framework

Visual table of contents [Appendix A0]
Condensed Framework [Appendix A1]
Expanded Framework [Appendix A2]

Color theory basics [Appendix A3]
Plant Biology basics [Appendix A4]
Design tactics [Appendix A5]
Design tactics 2 [Appendix A6]

Design Thinking [Appendix A]


Color Theory

Hue decision factors [Appendix A7]
Color mixture/composition [Appendix A8]
Saturation [Appendix A9]
Value [Appendix A10]
Graphics [Appendix A11]


Plant Biology

Plant Species [Appendix A12]
Native vs Non-native [Appendix A13]
Climbing Mechanism [Appendix A14]
Royal Horticulture Society [Appendix A15]


Drawing Techniques

Hand techniques descriptions [Appendix A16]
Hand techniques examples [Appendix A16a]
Computer assisted description [Appendix A17]
Computer assisted examples [Appendix A17a]
Computer Assisted Programs [Appendix A17b]
Representation in Architecture [Appendix A18]
Design Criterion / Prompts [Appendix A19]


Building Techniques

Masonry material consideration [Appendix A20]
Other materials considerations [Appendix A21]
Decoration uses [Appendix A22]
Performance uses [Appendix A23]


Design Thinking

Site Analysis [Appendix AB]
Pre-Design [Appendix AC]
Schematic Design [Appendix AD]
Ideation [Appendix AE]
Characteristic Collection [Appendix AF]
Project Criteria [Appendix AG]
Representation [Appendix AH]
Iteration [Appendix AI]
Evaluate Iteration [Appendix AJ]
Choose Iteration [Appendix AK]
Implementation [Appendix AL]
Choosing by advantages [Appendix AM]
Studio Method [Appendix AN]