Other Materials

The materials and building aspects of the design will inform the plants and subsequently the colors that will be available to make compositions. It is important to also consider the species of the plant at the same time while designing a structure or selecting its materials.

Like masonry materials, three main considerations are the plant Species and its Climbing Mechanism: holdfasts, tendrils and rootlet plants can be applied directly, twinning vines need secondary structure. The condition of the wall: poorly maintained masonry will be at risk with any kind of material near or on the wall. All masonry and specifically the mortar joints must be in well repair and plants groomed. The orientation of the wall will influence the stress levels of the species, and certain kinds will perform better based on the type of sun or shade depending if this is in the morning or afternoon.

Most of these considerations are for wood and vinyl siding, typical on many homes. masonry is one of the most durable materials. this means that the lifecycle and considerations that masonry could withstand, such as moisture and pests, are now critical to the success of these walls.

When designing, it is incredibly important to understand the materials that go into the building envelope, not only what comprises the vegetated wall itself as the envelope is a comprehensive system.

Some examples of anecdotal knowldge include: most plants will not attach to glass surfaces, even holdfasts. Rootlets will not grab well to metal, but holdfasts will adhere to wood and painted metal. however, rootlets will damage wood considerably in time. Consider the material for potential moisture damage. This is especially important for untreated metal and wood as these will rust or rot. For vinyl, the rootlets can work the layers apart. Also with plants directly onto the surface, bugs and animals will begin to inhabit the surface. this can be good or bad depending on the project and its intentions.

All of these considerations can and are mitigated by routine and proper maintenance. for example, over time windows will need to be cleared of vines, as in masonry.