Prompts and Design Criteria

How do the requirements of the prompt influence your work? I suggest seeing how the idea can give life to rather mundane programmatic elements often found in design. Instead of what is it, look to what it ought, should, or could be.

Consider the site and look around, see and understand the site. Often there are qualities to bring forward in the designed response.

Ignore the full program at first. Do not use a prompt of program as a checklist. Instead what is the typology of the building to be designed (office, auditorium, school, etc) and type to capture its purpose.

What is your design thesis? What are your considerations you always bring to a design? Mine are reclaimed materials, a module, and vegetation.

Remember personal mastery of a technique is a personal decision in design and representation. My suggestion is to quickly make and understand your own design process by infusing the prompt criteria suggestions that comprise your personal architecture .